Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Winning cool prizes that you can't claim....

Last night, I got a call from a guy whom I thought was a telemarketer... until he announced that I'd filled in a card for a draw for a car or something at the mall and had won a prize. Yeah, OK. Wow. Really? What's the catch? I vaguely remembered doing a few of those cards, so yay! Apparently we had a 'Wheel of Fortune'-style wheel to spin to get one of 5 prizes:
a week in Hawaii with $1000 spending money
a week in Tahoe with $1000 spending money
a week in Vegas with $1000 spending money
a week somewhere else I can't remember
OR.... 500 cash.

So I was a bit more excited but starting to feel tired. I wanted to properly process the information but I was getting pretty tired, and too tired to feel very excited about anything. So I'm sure the poor guy was surprised that for someone who had just won some very exciting prize, I didn't seem very excited. I blame the 5th day of our polyphasic sleep.

The guy started going through the checklist:

Is this your address? yes
Your name? yes
Your phone number? yes
are you over 25? what? no

So it turns out that we can't claim any of our prizes as we aren't 25. *Insert general frustrated noise of your choice here.* I think he really wanted to give it to us, too! He promised to ring back in two years. (In the immortal words of a certain Tui ad - yeah right.)

And then the phone died halfway through. And it didn't ring back. Disappointing. I would have liked a trip to Hawaii.

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