Friday, May 25, 2007

Other happenings... like Memorial Weekend

Went to see Shrek Three the other day with Alex and others from his flat. Good movie. Recommended if you liked the other two.

Memorial Weekend here in the States which is a huge national holiday and a long weekend on Monday. Apparently the number of American flags outside houses increases hugely on this day. Trying to think of a way to take advantage of this - I thought it was ages away and we wanted to visit a friend in Arizona and go see the Grand Canyon. Everyone else has already gone away for the weekend. Alex is in LA, but we'll probably all go down together sometime to Disneyland etc. I want to go!

Our only other thing is that this weekend we need to take some time to stick to our polyphasic schedule, so we can't go too far or we'll end up (not) sleeping in the car again. Brendan's getting overly excited and wants to try the harder sleep phases, but I told him he's on his own for those! I found it enough of a struggle at times to be motivated enough to get up with a 3-hour core sleep - I couldn't imagine what not having one would do to my mood.

Problem is for some of the stuff we wanted to do this weekend, there will be vast crowds of people, no matter where we go. This rules out any of the theme parks or the more major tourist attractions around here. Maybe we should go up to San Francisco... I feel lonely. Brendan doesn't work with the rest of the interns, so he's also a bit isolated. He doesn't mind, though, compared to me. I wish Ida was here. Actually, I wish lots of people were here... come and blow $5k on a visit - I can guarantee you'll enjoy it!

We've decided to find a Toastmasters here to keep up our public speaking practice, since it's been so useful while we were in NZ. And also to meet some new people. We need to pick up all our hobbies again, which have been pushed aside while we sorted out our wedding.

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