Monday, May 21, 2007

Pimp My Granny

Around once a week we go to the Capitola Market. This is a large, open-air market held daily in a disused drive-in cinema, where you can buy fruit and vegetables (as well as almost anything else you can imagine) for around half the price of the supermarkets.

A few days ago, while navigating the crowded stalls, we heard music coming towards us. The noise level is fairly high, and many of the merchants are also blaring their own music, so it's unusual for anything to rise above the din. We initially assumed it was a car or truck that had somehow made its way in.

Then we heard a faint whirring behind us and an ancient-looking woman passed us in a mobility scooter that would have made 50 Cent proud. Strapped to the back was a speaker so large it looked like the whole thing was about to fall over backwards. The speaker was as wide as the scooter and slightly taller. Streamers and little flags where attached all over it, and the granny appeared to be wearing a hoody. I didn't get a good look at the wheels, but I wouldn't have been surprised if they were chromed.

Question to the world: when someone chooses to look that entertaining, does etiquette allow me to stop and take photos?


fia said...

that granny sounds hilarious!! so does the speaker lol. and in answer to ur question i say YES!!!! (u better have- i wanna c that)

Brendan said...

Sorry, alas the market was one place we didn't think to take our camera... although I think we should sometime!

Tina said...

Ahhh, I had my little camera with me but by the time I got it out of my bag, that little granny was gone!