Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Geoff Adventure

When we arrived home from Oz, one of the first things I noticed was that my computer was on. Not only that, someone had changed the background on my desktop, to a slightly blurry photo of a police car. We assumed Geoff was home, and thought nothing further of it. Until we looked closer and realized that sitting in the front seat was a slightly blurry and unhappy looking Geoff.

From Geoffs Crash

Last night we found out the story. A couple of nights before, at the same place the photo was taken, there had been a very dramatic crash involving a milk truck and three houses ( This is what Geoff saw as he drove past:

From Geoffs Crash

And he was so distracted by wondering what the hell happened, that he rear-ended the care in front of him.

From Geoffs Crash

Now the police car pretty much explains itself :)

Geoff assures us that the insurance will cover it.

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Anonymous said...

omg!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! sorry, this just cracked me up. poor geoff- hows he going? fia