Friday, January 05, 2007

Luna Park

At the foot of the Harbour Bridge, a huge gaping mouth with teeth welcomes visitors to Luna Park. If I was a kid, I'd be scared and run away.

Luna Park is a small-ish amusement park, which apparently was opened in the 1950's, then closed, then re-opened. Ellie and I decided to share an armband for one ride, as we have similar sized wrists.

I decided to make the ferris wheel my ride, as it had a great view of Sydney from the top. When I got into the little cage (which rocked alarmingly), with two other girls, the attendant looked at the two other girls' wrists with their very loose armbands, and took them off and ripped them up. He told them they would have to go back to the entrance and bring their receipts for new armbands, as the band was void if it coudl be taken off. I pushed mine futher up my arm, and the attendant said, "See, you need a tight one like that girl's," (meaning mine). Which was not tight, as Ellie and I could both wear it. I was scared he'd pull on mine to check it.

The cage wobbled even more with just one person in it, but it was a pretty cool view from the top. Even if it didn't seem that high.

When I walked out of the ferris wheel, Brendan and Ellie immediately reached for my wrist and started pulling on the armband, Ellie loudly saying, "give it to me now!" I was like, "Shut up! He'll hear you!" and had to explain it once I was a safe distance away.

Brendan and I also had a go at the "hitting the hammer to test your strength" thing - don't know what it's called. We had a different hammer each which accounted for being male or female. But we both got the same scores - 92. Which was actually pretty good because we watched lots of other people doing it and they did around about the same scores or lower. I was scared I would miss!

Brendan was very annoyed becuase we took lots of touristy photos by the Harbour Bridge ad then he discovered I had been taking photos on the lowest resolution, 2 megapix (cellphone quality) to get more on the card.

The roller coaster was very scary. It raced forward in straight lines, turning at right angles at the last second before it seemed you would be thrown off the track. So it went something like, wheee! (jerk!) then wheee! (jerk!).

Roy was annoyed cos he had to wait an hour for us to meet him, with his suitcase. He made Brendan carry it on the way home. (Who of course, denies that he was made to carry it but instead offered.)

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Brendan said...

I did offer to carry it!