Monday, January 29, 2007

Sure Catch Trout

On the way to work there is a place called "Sure Catch Trout". It is a small lake where you can pay a fee to fish for trout which have been specifically put in the lake for you to catch. I find this a little odd, since surely the whole point of fishing is that you're not sure of catching something, and your incredible manly skill saves the day. But nonetheless, it seems like a peaceful way to spend an afternoon if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Or at least it would be, if not for a couple of minor details. The reason I can see this place on the way to work, is because the lake is 10 meters from the highway. Beside the lake is a huge, coal-fired power station, and the entire thing is also surrounded by a 2m high chain-link fence. There were a couple of fishermen attempting to make the scene look rugged and idyllic. Needless to say they were failing.