Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the couch has appeared

Two days ago, we also found the couch. Mealz didn't believe me when I saw her today - her mouth made an 'O' and she said, "Really?" a few times. The office looks pretty bare. I will post the photos, I just can't work out how to do it yet.

Brendan was officially awarded his first-class honours last night. I don't htink I'll find out if I have Distinction in my diploma or not until I actually apply to graduate.

Lingzi came round last night with Leo and bought Hells pizza - yay! I felt bad though cos Brendan's mum arrived at 10pm and we hadn't done any packing, so we ended up sending her off at 1am with half a car-load, and she drove all the way from Levin and she brought champagne and yummy things to eat.

We've spent quite a lot of time and money (on phone calls) looking for a house in the States. Brendan has rung quite a few apartment blocks to find out if they have rooms available, and they don't. The only ones we've found so far which have free apartments are The other interns live here, and they recommended them. It's very flash, though, and kinda expensive for our budget, and I just want a simple furnished apartment which doesn't cost too much so we can save a bit of money. The other interns all flat together, so it's not expensive for them. I think it's better to wait until we're there and can make a better judgement.

It doesn't feel very real, though. I'm counting the sleeps, but it isn't working. It doesn't really seem to get closer, except on a conceptual level. Though I doubt that is working either. I'm very tired.

Sunday looks like a really warm day in San Jose - high of 16 degrees C and a low of 4, compared to the recent highs of 8 and 12 degrees C. America is currently experiencing a huge ice storm whicfh is doing lots of damage, and it's killed most of the fruit crops in California - something like 70 or 80 percent. Which means fruit and vegies will be much more expensive the whole time we are there. :(

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