Thursday, January 25, 2007

We have an apartment!

So: all about our apartment:

The day before we were due to move in, we finally got confirmation of our apartment. It's a one-bedroom one. I'm pretty excited, as it's our first 'proper' house. We moved in last night, after spending an hour signing our lives away at the leasing office.

So we went on something resembling a shopping spree at Walmart last night. After all that time NOT buying house stuff - I feel a bit sad cos I can't buy pretty stuff to ship back to NZ.
There is so much space! The kitchen is huge - we can't possibly fill all the cupboards. After our time flatting, to have a house just for us seems almost a waste. That said, we don't have much to fill it with yet.

I'm excited because the possiblity of buying a cheap piano has suddenly occured to me, as we won't be needing it after. I would love to have another piano to annoy the neighbours with. Ingrid also used to play piano, which is good. We have scarily similar backgrounds in some places.

More on Walmart later - just for you, Kat. This one was a mini-Walmart. We spent time earlier making "The Definitive List" of what we needed - but I forgot it. We bought around $800 worth of stuff, including two kitset "offices" consisting of a desk, little bookcase and what will become our bedside tables. We finally finished making one set today - I'm exhausted. I don't really want to look at the other set just yet.

And, amazingly, we only forgot two things on the entire "Definitive List".

People also looked at us really strangely in the shop because Brendan and I had four trolleys. Four! Also today when I mentioned to various people that we had bought stuff at Walmart cos we needed an entire house worth of stuff, they looked at me strangely. It was only later I realised it would be like telling someone you went to the Warehouse and how they had all this stuff there! Oops! *blush*


Geoffrey said...

how did you manage trolleys, one in each hand?

Brendan said...

Pretty much... one in front, one behind. And of course we didn't take all four down every aisle. The Walmart people won't take away the trolley (I mean shopping cart) if it has stuff in it.