Sunday, January 07, 2007

Monday morning blues...

Back at work, I feel very tired. We got in at around 11.30 last night, and dragged ourselves to bed at around 1.30. Ellie's boyfriend Ryan picked us up at the airport, which was good.

On Brendan's computer, we found a new background had been added. A police car. Looking closer, we saw a very grumpy Geoff sitting in the police car next to the police officer. Hmm. This has the makings of another Geoff adventure...

And, the US embassies seem determined to make everything as hard as possible to get a visa. It costs $3.50 per minute(!) to call them to make an appointment, and you can only visit between 8am and 12pm, and you can only ring during business hours (and I can't make toll calls at work, especially not one THAT big!) and within NZ. They must live in the dark ages. Surely it would be much easier to use email?!

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Anonymous said...

hey guys. that sucks bout u getting in so late. :(
lol bout geoff.
The embassies thing certainly sounds as if they wanna make it hard for sorry its so hard.
hey id like you to visit
its a video of ronan keating's "i hope u dance" with the most gorgeous nature type pics- i hope u c it and that it cheers u up. lv fia