Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sparse Posting for a few days...

Well, our computers are getting packed up and sent away today, and the internet gets cut off tomorrow, so our posts may be a bit limited for a while.

We're now in the final stages of packing. The bulk of the smaller, boxable items have gone and what remains are primarily large items (bed, desks, computers) which are being picked up today. Sad as we are to finally give up our computers, they are being taken to the freight company at some point before 5pm today.

Other than that, we have:
  • Clothes to wash and pack
  • Generic bedroom stuff to pack
  • A few bits and pieces in the kitchen
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Whatever other cleaning we end up doing
So, unless I decide to post a quick update tomorrow, the next post you get will be from America :)

Cheers to all the people who have been helping us out with packing and organising of late, and to all the people who have gone out of their way to come say farewell over the past few days (even if we often have no time to see them!). Also, special thanks to mum for making so many trips to come and take all our crap away to storage, and to dad for providing the trailer for the big stuff going tonight.

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