Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Noctournal Occurances

During the night, Tina managed to burn her finger while attempting to read. It's better if I don't explain ;-)

Also, we had mangos for breakfast today. Real mangos, not the crap ones you get in NZ (no offence to any NZ mango importers out there, I'm sure you try your best). Despite having been squashed and bruised in a backpack all day (during Tina and Brendan's mall adventure), they were still as wonderful as I remember them. Hopefully in the days to come we'll be able to have a non-squished one, which will actually cut properly rather than just degenerating into delicious sticky mush.

We have booked our flights back to NZ, we're departing 6:15pm Sunday, arriving in NZ at 11:25pm. Still uncertain as to how we will get back home from there, probably just the airport bus. Hopefully it runs that late.


Wal said...

Forget the airport bus, (NOT running at midnight) and jump on a shuttle, and negotiate the fare. Dearer than the bus but much cheaper than a taxi, and it will take you to your door. If there are no other passengers then you get to go straight home! Cheers, Wal

Tina said...

Cool, thanks for that. :) Yeah, it would be around $50 to go by taxi I suspect, way too expensive!