Friday, January 12, 2007

We have found the floor!

Once upon a time, Tina and Brendan did their assignments and kept their computers in a study. In the words of their friend Duncan McCann, hot contender for Mr. Mount Maunganui (aka "The Hairy Beast" -, on the study floor was "paper, and more paper, and more paper, and then chairs!"

But last night, that all changed. In the space of four short hours, intrepid explorers Tina and Brendan found the floor. It was still the same non-descript brown, designed to cover all manner of stains of dubious origin, although it couldn't hide the bubblegum on the floor of the bedroom left by the previous occupants, which Tina routinely stepped in by accident while trying to get dressed in the morning - yuck. Blaise was called in to inspect the floor which had magically appeared, however he deemed it needed "a pick-up, and then a vacuum" and thus was not entirely clean. Military intelligence (and couch-lifting) indicated the existence of more paper underneath the couch, in far greater quantities than previously supposed. This vast amount of paper would prove to be too much for the intrepid explorers, who at the early hour of 12.30 decided to retire, leaving it for the next day.

In other news, today tickets were bought from NZ to San Francisco (and credit card companies were very happy, while Tina and Brendan bank accounts were not). Once again leaving Wellington at the awful hour of 6.40am next Sunday, we will fly to Auckland and spend 10 hours there before the big flight - over the entire Pacific ocean. We will arrive in San Francisco 4 hours earlier than when we left Auckland, strangely enough.

Leaving San Francisco at 9pm on the 9th April, we will arrive in NZ at the lovely hour of 5.15am, 11th April, thereby gaining two days at once and suffering intense jetlag.

Our visas still haven't shown up, though I am assured by the courier company that they are en route and will arrive Monday.

EDIT: Flight time is now 6:00pm Sunday, rather than 6:40am Sunday. Yay!

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