Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Visas at last - an Auckland tale

What Brendan didn't say is that after going to bed at 12, we dozed until 5am, when we got up to catch our flight. As we stumbled bleary-eyed around, Geoff came home from a night on the town and was surprised to find us still awke. He also fed us still-warm chips from Well-come takeaways, his favourite fish'n'chip shop (not least for the funny name), which was much appreciated.

I love looking out of the window in planes, we went past New Plymouth and the mountain looked lovely still all covered in a bit of snow, with a perfect circle of green. And I saw whales in the water, they were jumping. Very cool.

The consulate was a bit scary, but I can understand them wanting to be a bit careful. I still can't work out what I was wearing that set off the metal detector! Must have been my watch. Though the wait times that other people described were minimal for us. In fact when we arrived at 9.30, (for our 10.30 appointment), there was no-one there! Someone else arrived just after us with an 11am appointment...

I had a sudden thought we hadn't asked for a multiple-entry visa, and wouldn't be allowed to come home for the wedding! Luckily I think they are automatically granted now. We got back to the airport just in time for our plane back - we agonised over whether to change our flights in case we missed our flight, for ages.

And we got Dunkin Donuts for Ida. I'm hiding them from my workmates... I think they suspect... 'What's in the present?" Sorry guys!

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