Friday, January 26, 2007

The Salad Bar Delusion

On my first day at the office my supervisor and I went down to the cafeteria for lunch. The cafeteria includes a number of smaller shops serving different kinds of food, and amongst these is a Salad Bar. Steven informed me that as he was on a diet, that was where he would be getting his lunch.

There seems to be an impression that anything you eat will be healthy and slimming provided you acquire it at a Salad Bar. In search of customers wanting to feel like they are eating healthy without having to actually deal with all that unpleasant leafiness, this salad bar exploited the Salad Bar Delusion to it's fullest potential. While there was certainly salad available at the salad bar, there was also:
  • Mini Pizzas
  • Those folded over pizzas I can't remember the name of
  • Fried, Crumbed Eggplant
  • Fried Chicken Wings
  • Deep-Fried, Crumbed Mozzarella Nuggets
Now, while I understand that all salad bars do this to some extent (I distinctly remember getting shrimp crackers at more that a few salad bars), deep fried mozzarella is evidence enough that the US is still comfortably leading the world in this regard.


Ida said...

LOL! Awesome. And very true. Everything seved in a salad bar is good for you. Including deep fried cheese. Maybe it's lite cheese. Or maybe its magical cheese that shrinks the waistline and gives people magnificent tennis legs, but you'll never know 'cos you didn't eat the deep fried cheese at the Magical Salad Bar of Goodness.

Sigh (shakes head sadly)

Geoffrey said...

fried chicken sound like a goer

Geoffrey said...

when you return to nz bring us samples

Ida said...

I just want to second what Geoff said. That dude speaks words of wisdom

Brendan said...

While I doubt there would any severe biohazards in fried mozzarella, I still don't think NZ customs would approve.

But I'm sure I can make you some next time I'm in the country.

Damn... feeling hungry now.