Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh decent coffee, where art thou?

Ingrid (the wife of one of the other interns) says the coffee here is nothing like New Zealand. Walmart doesn't sell an actual espresso machine, only percolators similar to the one you'd find in the corner of your office cafeteria. And coffee machines here (like the one in the leasing office) come more as a little bag/tube with a plastic top which you slot into the machine. The machine pours water through the bag into the cup below, and you sprinkle powdered fake-latte-milk-which-froths-chemically into your cup. It doesn't actually taste much like milk. Or coffee, for that matter.

On the bright side, they did have a few sachets of "exotic chai".

However, on closer instpection, decent coffee comes from a little shop next to Rite Aid called "Moonbeams". They put whipped cream in everything though, you have to ask for "no cream". And they don't give out teaspoons.

I also can't buy a decent coffee machine at Walmart. They're all percolators. Yucky. I did manage to find a little 1-cup coffee percolator for at home. You can buy all manner of flavours of coffee beans in the supermarket - "Chocolate black forest raspberry" and "Vanilla hazelnut creme". It smells divine as you walk past.

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