Friday, March 23, 2007

I have my licence!

Yay! I passed... only 5 wrong, which is apparently very good. If you get 15 marks wrong overall, or do something heinous like run a red light or fail to look over your shoulder at your blind spot (both "critical driving errors"), you fail immediately. I had the same tester as Brendan - she was very calm and nice.

I think the main things were: not yielding to a truck on a full green light (it has to be an arrow for you to have right-of-way), acccidentally turning too wide and going over the yellow line, and
apparently not turning my head enough at intersections to look.

Afterwards, my driving instructor asked me to tell him which route we drove. So we drove along for a bit around where we'd been, until we came along a road where a grey car was waiting at a stop sign. The instructor suddenly pulled down the right-hand windscreen blind to cover his other mirror and we swerved into a parking lot - the grey car was taking the test, and he didn't want the tester to see him! (You're not allowed to drive the full route the DMV uses during the day, otherwise it would be clogged with learner-driver cars, and hard for the poor person being tested! And our instructor I think is pretty well known byt the testers.)

Then I thnk I got a bit lost and went down the wrong street into the residental ares, which go round and round and have heaps of dead-ends, so you think you are going somewhere and you are just getting more lost. We shoudl have turned left at the main area. But that was OK. He just wanted to see where we drove so he could tell his other students. Cos there were a few places different from where I had gone with him.

On the way home, he asked me if there were any kangaroos in NZ. Or ostriches. Ummm... no. I explained about kiwis and evil possums. He understood possums.


fia said...

hey possums are NOT evil!! seriously tho, go u guys for getting your licence n car!

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