Thursday, March 15, 2007

Revisiting San Francisco's tourist traps

We went back to San Francisco with Alex. We've decided to save the zoo trip for another time, since Onita got back late the night before and Stefan had her keys... now he's in the doghouse (so to speak) and she's not talking to him. Apparently they had to go shopping (communicated to Stefan via hand signals - he thinks she meant shopping).

(Update: turns out she REALLY is not happy: he ditched her at a party where she knew no-one (except Anita, Duncan's girlfriend), took the house keys so she had to sleep outside her house at 3am, then called her at 5am to ask that she pick him up. Ouch. Hope that sorts itself out OK.)

It was very hot - it was like a typical summer's day in New Zealand. Very hot. We were incredibly lucky with the weather in San Francisco, as it can be very Wellington-like. We still needed the air conditioning though.

Golden Gate Park: where San Franciscans go to walk their dogs. A ratio of 2 people:1 dog. There were dogs everywhere with their owners walking around on the big grassy lawn filled with sunbathing (often topless or tank-topped) people, and vast numbers of interesting (read: weird) people.

One man was rolled in an old quilt on the grass, fast asleep. He looked as if he hadn't bathed for days.

The 'NZ garden' in the Botanic Gardens was small and very young. The oldest-looking plant was a cabbage tree. It also contained many non-New Zealand plants, and squirrels. Everyone loves squirrels...

The big music place and museum was interesting, and I wanted to go to the Japanese Tea Gardens but we had no time. Must go back again!! Alex was fairly keen to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, and I can't say I blame him. I love the Golden Gate Bridge. (Click here for our photos.)

(A funny thing has happened to these photos on webshots: somehow the photos have been put in the category "baby shower" - how? We have absolutely no idea - that is most certainly not what category I put them under! Anyway, it means that suddenly a whole pile of strangers have viewed these photos, since they appear under the label "Golden Gate Bridge Baby Shower", shooting them from one of several thousand collections, to the 24th most popular in that category! Obviosuly a whole pile of people are curious as to what that might be. Miniature babies raining down?)

Celeb sightings: I swear I saw Rachel Bilson with huge sunglasses and a tall dark-haired guy (who wasn't Adam Brody - they broke up) in San Francisco, on Fisherman's Wharf. Unfortunately I only have the picture of their backs, as I thought it might be too rude to take a photo from the front only a metre away.

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