Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Memory -loss at Rite Aid

I was buying more water at the Rite Aid closest to where we live. The guy who served me is a slightly chubby, well-meaning Chinese guy with floppy black hair, a soft American accent and huge glasses. As he was serving me, he asked, "What language do you speak?"

Slightly taken aback, and looking towards the line forming behind me, I replied, "English." Then I realised that he would have thought I was from England, so I explained, "I'm from New Zealand."He didn't show any signs of recognition, asking "What's it like where you come from?" I said, "Hot. It's summer there so all my friends are at the beach."

Why this is funny (apart from me realising later I had said, "English" in a slightly hurt, 'of course' sort of tone - I mean, who asks "What language do you speak?") is that this particular guy is famous amongst the Kiwis here. Every single time any Kiwi goes to Rite Aid, and it happens at least once or twice a week, he asks the same questions in the same sequence.

"Wow, you have an accent."
Then, "Where are you from?"
Then, "What's it like there?"

No matter how many times you see him, and tell him the answer, he never remembers you.

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