Friday, March 30, 2007

Secret car security

Brendan spent about 10 minutes last night trying to unlock the car security, since we accidentally locked it while painstakingly picking the white racing stickers off the front and back of the car.

I bumped one switch by the wheel and couldn't work out which way it went, but alarms went off. Brendan played with all four switches, and suddenly lights all over the car were flashing, and the dashboard was flashing, and the car beeped angrily. After 10 minutes, Brendan swore and walked off. I climbed in, flicked the switch next to the steering wheel, and it started!

On our insurance, this is called a "passive" security system. We still have no idea what the four switches scattered around the dashboard are, or how to work cruise control.

But finally, the racing stripes are gone. And the car has been car-washed this morning - quite an experience when water started pouring in near the windscreen above the driver's seat! - but it still has the faint lines. Oh well. At least we can recognise it.

Alex wants to transport his mattress to his new house on top of our car today... I should probably be very worried.

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