Monday, March 05, 2007

We're going for our licences!

After my last driving lesson I felt a lot more confident driving around here, and today that was a bit different. I had Brendan's driving instructor instead of mine... He's a lot more neurotic, and keeps on pulling me over to tell me stuff and draw me little maps and things. But I don't mind, it's technical stuff I need to learn. I just felt a lot more neurotic as well.

Today I drove onto the freeway, and we drove along it for about a mile and off at the next exit - yay! The merging was a bit scary, but overall it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. American drivers (especially those in big SUVs) go crazy on the freeway, swervign in and out of traffic, so I've been a little nervous about that.

We also drove round and round a few parking areas in malls, which was good practice.

The exciting thing: I'm booking my appointment with the DMV right now.

On Saturday (NZ Sunday), I'm having another lesson. But overall, he said he thinks it will only take this last lesson before I can go for my licence, YAY! He said the lesson will be more about driving around the route the DMV uses to test you - right turns, changing lanes, left turns, reversing and parking.

Will let you know how things go. Brendan's at his lesson right now.

Edit: We've now both booked our appointments: Mine's on the 15th of March and Brendan's is on the 19th of March (he has his lesson on Sunday the 18th.) Apparently it's the only time you are allowed to drive around the DMV (to practice the driving route).

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fia said...

hey that sounds awesme! go u guys!
hey wen are u cmng hme? also, have u got an email from me lately?re fishing n father steven n other randm things? cz im not sure if it sent or not- im thinking not cz i havnt heard from u.