Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Licences and weddings...

Since Brendan has suddenly become very modest, (strange that...) I am proud to announce that yesterday he got his Californian licence! Yay! I go for mine on Friday (NZ Saturday). He had my instructor instead of his beforehand, which as good as she's way more calm.

I have his instructor before the test, so I will have to concentrate on calmness. (Although he is rapidly becoming 'our' instructor since I've had him about as much as my other instructor now. He's cool. We talk about lots of stuff, and drink McD's coffee when we stop, and try and figure out each others' accents.) Apparently the examiner also gives due warning, and is calm.

Today it is exactly one month until our wedding... happiness and stress. Although technically it's still the 20th here. People like family members who still need to RSVP - You know you're coming, I think you're coming, but please just let me know properly so we can count, OK? Just email Brendan or me. Thanks. :)

If you know anyone in Wellington who wants to house-swap for three weeks for a lovely Californian apartment and sunshine, let us know... although today it rained here for the first time in weeks! I suspect tomorrow will be beautiful again.

Tara has posted a rather hilarious and descriptive account of Thelma and Quint's wedding (with pictures!) on her blog, for whom she was a bridesmaid. These are people I went to high school with... some people haven't changed much! They look very happy. (And I think Tara is mentally stockpiling "not to do's".) Ask me for the URL if you want to perve until I get the OK from her to post it here. I'm pleased it didn't rain during the actual wedding, only during the reception.

Edit: Tara has given me permission to give out the URL for her blog about the wedding: click here.

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fia said...

gd luck for u tina! :)
hey can i have da addy so i cn see plz?