Friday, March 23, 2007

my computer is dead once again...

My computer died the other day. I am not amused; in fact now I am highly bored and can't work on my book or organise wedding stuff. With under a motnh to go!

I mean, for a very long time it would restart randomly every time I played a game, but I thought I'd fixed that. (Cleaning out the fans so it didn't overheat.)

But now, it was the power supply - I was sitting on my computer playing a game when it suddenly died. Frantic emails to Brendan later, I changed the power supply to his old one, and it turned on! Kinda. As far as the lights went on, anyway. But still no cigar.

So, last night I ordered a new power supply. I love/ hate this about America: rebates.

The part I hate: NO, we're not going to just charge you less for it. We're going to make you pay full price, and then send in the receipts and the cut-out barcodes and everything else relating to that product, so if you can be bothered doing all that, you will get your rebate. They take advantage of the fact that half the time, you won't care, so they get to keep the money. When we bought a whole pile of new computer parts, *mutters angry thoughts about freight companies and Qantas and broken computers* we had about $100 in rebates. So far, $10 has come back.

But the part I love: sometimes the rebate makes it free, or almost. So what is the point? The power supply I bought last night was $28.00. It had free 3-day shipping (a saving of about $10 or so). The tax was $2.30. The mail-in rebate: $28.00. So, apart from the tax, I essentially just bought a free power supply.

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