Friday, March 16, 2007

Today my ex-boyfriend married my friend...

in the rain. In Masterton. Poor Thelma and Quint. I got a text from Thelma while they were getting ready, and while she had been praying hard all week for sunshine, she said the weather was pretty "yucky".

My friend Tara is one of her bridesmaids, she is also one of my bridesmaids so I can't wait to catch up with them both and see pictures. (And exactly 6 months before our wedding, she was also her friend Jackie's bridesmaid! Busy girl...)

Anyway, I just wanted to record this rather sappy post as I thought about them all day and really wished I could be there, and hoped the weather ended up nicer than they thought it was going to be. I'm fantastically happy for them both as they make a really great couple.

On our wedding front, family dramas have occupied the last while... or rather, one particular family drama. After much thinking and soul-searching, I have decided that I would rather have the family member there and ignore the problems, than be right on principle and not have the family member there. Also I finally had a response from at least one of the people concerned, so hope that is sorted.


fia said...

Wow. thelma n quint huh. scary to think of thelma married- wen i think of her, i think of all the hours we spent together in 3/4th form laughing. sux that they had bad weather, i hope its not that way for u n brendan.
hey, im guessing da thing is wif sarah- wat is happening wth that whole thing then?

Tina said...


I forgot for a moment we share Thelma as a friend... kinda odd really. She's cool, I like her a lot. wonder if she's still thinking of Ministry training?

When I get their photos of the event, I will probably post them for you to see. Remind me.