Wednesday, March 14, 2007

End of the Golden Weather New Zealand by the sound of things, but here it's just the start. Spring has arrived! The last few days have been as hot as a New Zealand summer, and we really hope it doesn't get that much hotter here.

The Americans tell us last summer there was a heat wave, and temperatures reached 114* F (45.5*C)!! Onita was travelling to LA, and people couldn't use air conditioning in their cars because their cars were already overheating and breaking down.

Yesterday I went in the swimming pool for the first time. It wasn't too bad, actually, despite the dire warnings from the other interns that it was "always freezing" - and besides, there are two spas to warm up in afterwards.

Last night it was 80* F (27* C) in our house... too hot to sleep.


fia said...

yes the weather here has been bad. hailstorm last night and the other day was pouring rain and then we had thunder an lightening witch caused the entire vic computer system to crash.

Brendan said...

As you'll soon learn, it doesn't take anything as impressive as lightning to bring down the SCS systems.

I heard one time a fly farted in the server room. H: was unavailable for a month and a half.