Saturday, March 31, 2007

Santa Cruz Road Tripping

We decided on the spur of the moment, to take a little celebratory trip in our car. So Alex and Brendan and I after work, went for a drive to the Cabrille Highway, otherwise known as the Coastal Road (Highway 1). It's part of the most scenic part of California, and runs from San Francisco and down a lot further. Between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, it's 75 miles of little beaches and largely undeveloped coastland.

Getting there was fairly straightforward, luckily, because we had no map. We followed Highway 85 outside our house until it reached Highway 17, and just followed the 17 through the mountains to Santa Cruz.

Then we went up north a few miles to the first beach we found, at Davenport. This was a little village complete with a tiny church with "DOM" on the front, a few restaurants, a scary old house, and a huge cement plant we drove around with its own railroad.

The cement plant had 'interesting' signs, and seemed deserted except for two men in hard hats. The beach we found was gorgeous - a swath of limestone cliffs with a sandy bay hidden inside. We walked along the ridge to the edge of the cliff and looked down:

Brendan drove there on the windy freeway, and I drove back in the dark. So yay, freeway driving and night-time all in one! Brendan was going 65 mph and still got the fingers pulled at him as they passed, by some guys going 85 round all the tiny corners. It was quite scary. Also, in the dark, it was even more of a challenge than usual to stay in the right lane - I missed the exits/ entries for the freeway several times and had to go around.

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